My Khe beach preferred by tourists Australian

My Khe is one of 10 beaches in Asia are the most preferred by Australians (according to the Herald Sunday of Australia). It gives visitors more impressed by the abundance of natural scenery.

It is an ideal and huge beach with a slight slope, cool blue water, long and smooth sand beach. There is a dark green poplar forest behind the beach. It has coral, abundant plants and creatures along bankside and under sea. In particularly, My Khe beach is next to the city center, so easy to get to the beach by various means of transport.

My Khe beach - Australian

My Khe beach was voted by the Forbes as one of the most attractive beaches on the planet since it meets the following criteria: open free for tourists, safe for tourists, traffic convenience, long and flat sand-bank, waves and sunlight suitable for playing sports, with luxury resorts and international standard villas…

The Sunday Herald Sun of Australia also voted My Khe beach as one of 10 most popular beaches in Asia. It is famous for blue water, white sand-bank, mild waves which is warm all year round,… suitable for holiday at any time of the year.

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