Nguyen Du – One of the most beautiful streets of Ha Noi

Nguyen Du street on the banks of Thien Quang lake, and it also called is the street of of artists. In the autumn, this street  troubled the heart of Hanoi people by the fragrance of Alstonia scholaris.

Nguyen Du Street has 1,060 m long, fairly spacious and smoothness, which connects the Hue street and Nam Bo street. Not only famous with the name of nation poet, Nguyen Du street is a place to bring your own soul Hanoi sharp, fragrance of Alstonia scholaris when the Autumn is coming.

Nguyen Du street in Ha Noi

Nguyen Du Street brings its own definition of Hanoi soul, because it is shaded by ancient Alstonia scholaris. However, at present, the old Alstonia scholaris on Nguyen Du street seems to wither away, no longer hold fresh young looks lush with flowers in the late fall, but spindly, much less flowers.

Nguyen Du street in Ha Noi

Nowaday in the Autumn, it is not uncommon to see couples together carrying through the Nguyen Du street, stop and taking pictures to save many beautiful memories.