Quang Binh -The rendezvous in midle of Vietnam (P2)

Defining its advantages in terms of caves and the sea, Quang Binh has attached special importance to the issue of developing tourism in its strategy to promote socio-economic development and include the province in the world’s tourist map.

Sea Paradise in the east

After days of exploring the beauty of the mountains and forests in Phong Nha – Ke Bang National Park, we went o the beaches which have white sand and slop to the sea.

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Known as a calm beach with a wild and romantic beauty, Nhat Le Beach has become a familiar destination for tourists on summer vacations.

Located near the Nhat Le River, the beach slopes gently and is an ideal and safe place for tourists. Along Nguyen Du and Truong Phap Roads near the coast there are historical relics and scenery, such as the vestige of Tam Toa Church, the monument dedicated to heroine-mother Suot, and the archaeological site of Bau Tro. All these contribute to attracting tourists to Nhat Le Beach.

Nhat Le beach - Quang Binh province
Nhat Le beach – Quang Binh province

While prepared food for customers, Minh, the owner of a seaside restaurant said “Now people visit Quang Binh sea all year round because this area has not only Nhat Le beach but also many other beautiful beaches, such as Quang Phu, Hai Thanh and Da Nhay (Jumping rocks) near the city’s centre. Only going to Bao Ninh Commune can people really take a sea tour in Quang Binh.”

Jumping rock beach is an attracted tourism point. When waves thrust, rock looks like big frogs jumping on the waves, creating different rustling sound.

Under her instructions we went across the Nhat Le Bridge which was inaugurated in 2002, linking Dong Hoi City and Bao Ninh Peninsular. Seen from afar, Bao Ninh looked like a beautiful giant miniature mountain in a vast sea with a harmonious arrangement of sand dunes, sea, rivers, lakes and green trees. Read more: 4 famous destinations in Quang Binh should not missed.

If people visited Quang Binh 10 years ago when Bao Ninh was still a peninsula separated from Dong Hoi City, they could not imagine that on a wild area of 45ha with white sand and hot wind from Laos in summer afternoons there would be a square capitalized at VND10 billion, a well-planned Bao Ninh Beach with a perfect combination of sunshine, wind and sea and a system of spacious restaurants, which lured many domestic and international tourists like today. The coastal roads with white sand in the past have been asphalted and equipped with a system of lights. Along these roads, many resorts, hotels, parks and villas of 40 coastal projects capitalized at over VND10,000 billion are being built and completed.

The Sun Spa Resort built by Truong Thinh Group with an investment of VND1,000 billion covers an area of 29ha and looks like a bright spot in the Dong Hoi – Quang Binh picture. With a vast sea on the one side and the calm Nhat Le River on the other side, this resort with a system of rooms reaching 4-5 star standards receives thousands of domestic and international visitors who come to relax and enjoy entertainment services at the beach during hot summer holidays.

We finished our journey by visiting the fishing villages in Bao Ninh, where home-stay tours were established to help visitors experience the life of the fishing people in the watery areas and enjoy seafood and the typical folk songs of the area with hot wind and white sand in Quang Binh.

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