4 famous destinations in Quang Binh should not missed

As you know Quang Binh is a province of North-Central Vietnam, endowed with biodiversity, especially typical of Annamites eco-region. In this article I want to introduce you 4 famous destination in Quang Binh not to be missed when traveling in this province.

#1. Phong Nha-Ke Bang the Vietnam National Park

hong Nha-Ke Bang the Vietnam National Park

This National Park is one of the best destination in Quang Binh, that is the reason why you travel to Quang Binh. It was the 5th Vietnamese site recognized by UNESCO as a World heritage site. This is a apart of the oldest limestone mountains of Asia, where 94% of the whole forest area is primary forest with 876 kinds of the flora and 525 species of fauna, many of which are in the list of red book of Vietnam and the world.

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#2. The Wind islet (Hòn Gió)

Hon Gio island- Quang Binh

Hon Gio is also called islet of birds has an area of 1 km2. It is about 50km North of Dong Hoi city in the East sea. This is a home of thousands of sea gulls and also a revolutionary relic in the system of Ho Chi Minh street on Quang Binh sea.

#3. The Bang hot mineral water spring

Bang hot mineral water spring - Quang Binh province

To mention about destinations of Quang Binh we do not miss Bang hot mineral water spring. Bang is far about 60km from Dong Hoi city and about 21km West of Le Thuy district. The mineral water here is rare and precious and has the boiling at temperature of 105 degrees celsius. The endless spring of the mineral water gushes out day and night. Its opaque water vapour looks like thin smoke from Heaven. Bang mineral water and mineral mud have pharmaceutical effects which are rare and precious; as scientists appreciate, they are good for curing some diseases.

#4. The Nhat Le beach

Nhat Le beach - Quang Binh province

Nhat Le beach located in the North of Dong Hoi city, and far from center of Dong Hoi city about 1km. This is a beautiful beach, it has lovely romantic landscapes attracts tourists to enjoy fresh winds and swim in the sea. Apart from walking on a long smooth sandy beach, swimming and diving in the sea’s green water, visitor have the chance to enjoy delicious seafood dishes such as: lobster, cuttlefish, crab and fish of all kind…

There are lot of destination in Quang Binh, however 4 destination above are the best and on the top of your destinations list!