Informative tips for traveling in Quan Lan island

Quan Lan Island is far from Ha Long city about 50km by sea travel, by boat traveling it takes you about 3 hours to get there. This island is known as the beautiful sea destination, tourists are attracted by spacious green space, pristine and fresh scenery. On this island there are many cultural monuments, historical mark the glorious victories of his father in the struggle against foreign invaders.

The first impression to visitors were transfered from the pier on the cars of local people called “Tuc Tuc” (a 3 wheeled vehicles), go through the white sand dunes, casuarina groves with cool breeze of the ocean on one side is dreamy. This is means of transportation is the most common, easiest and also interesting to visit the island.

Quan Lan communal house in the village is the first attractions should visit and is the most meaningful visit Quan Lan island. It worships the Tran Khanh Du gerneral defeated the invading Mongol army. This is not only a beautiful communal house in the village but also is a sacred in the minds of local people.

To facilitate exploration of Quan Lan island, readers can choose high-speed train journey from Cai Rong (Van Don district) or visitors came from Hon Gai wharf (Bach Dang Ward, Ha Long City). After about 1 ½ hours cruise on Bai Tu Long Bay, tourists will reach jade Quan Lan island.

Quan Lan Beach with pristine sand smooth.

Arriving to Quan Lan, an indispensable destination is the beaches such as: front village beach, Son Hao beach… are not far from the center of town. These are the big beaches with thick smooth sand layer, pristine, cool water, transparent. And tourists can enjoy fresh seafood in the early morning, or the afternoon.

Staying at Quan Lan, visitors can book room at the Son Hao beach resort, engaged campfire and comunicate with the local people, offshore fishing, squid fishing…

Another interesting option for visitors is “homestay”, you’ll be living and eating with local family, join to catch “Sim” cuttle-fish every night or “Sa Sung” every morning.

During the early morning tourists can go sightseeing stop buying seafood at Tan Doai fish market (near Quan Lan Communal House) or go take about 30 minutes by walking to the beach stone at front of village  to explore the spectacular and unspoiled of the sea.

An attractive activity is exploring the island by renting bicycles (VND 70,000-80,000 per day) for walk around the island, visiting the Tram forest and Minh Chau beach… 

bicycles traveling in Quan Lan island
Discover Quan Lan island by bicycle

Quan Lan traveling tips for visitors:


1. Speedboat Hon Gai – Quan Lan (2 routes per day):

– Departs daily at 10:30 and 14:00

– Ticket price: VND 120,000 -150,000 ($6-8)

– Running time: from 50- 80 minutes

2. Speedboat The Dragon – Quan Lan (2 routes per day):

– Departs daily at: 8:00 and 14:00

– Ticket price: VND 120,000 ($6)

– Running time: 45 minutes


1. Ceramic resorts, villages Son Hao, Quan Lan commune

2. Minh Hang hotel, Thai Hoa village, Quan Lan commune

3. Ann hotel, East Village, Quan Lan commune