Salty fried cakes for the afternoon out of the office

After a tiring day, let’s visit small shops at the street to enjoy fried cakes that are very fragrant.

In Hanoi, salty donuts are available round year, but they are the best delicious when it’s cold or the Northeast monsoon coming, or there is drizzle and a north – easterly wind.

It’s great to sit around coal store and enjoy slowly each pieces of donuts with sweet and sour sauce.

The outside layer of cake is made from rice flour and glutinous flour with the rate of 4:1, add salt, boil water and crush until it’s not stick to your hand. The inside layer is made from ingredients such as pork, a little of miến, wood ears mushroom,… add a little of pepper for flavor and richness.

Kneading cake is step that need the most skills. You must do to cover of cake be not too thick or too thin, but also be enclosed stuffing of cake. After kneading finish, put cakes into a pan that has boiling cooking oil until cakes turn golden and fragrant, let’s take out and drain fat. 

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In order to be less fat, this cakes is often served with papaya pickles, salads and especially sauce. The sauce is not only enough sour and sweet, but also a bit of peppery to dispel greasy. So that people can eat a lot without knowing bored. Read How to make Vietnamese salad.

You could see addresses of delicious donuts shops as the following suggestion:

  • Alley 242 Lac Long Quan: the cakes have typical taste, but you must wait for a long time. The sauce is poured directly on cakes, not to separate sauce bowl.
  • 52 Ly Quoc Su.  The shop is crowed, parking is not convenient, but it’s near to the centre.
  • Alley 135 Phuong Mai, cake is so delicious but serve slowly and it’s difficult for parking.
  • Sidewalk 49 Hang Chieu: delicious, cheap, but serve in the evening only,
  • Cua Bac crossroads – Nguyen Truong To.
  • Alley 285 Doi Can, near to La Thanh hotel
  • Ngo Thi Nham crossroads – Tran Xuan Soan: very crowed, serve daytime only.
  • Some urban markets such as: Ham Long, Thanh Cong, Dong Xuan,