Alleyway bread for more than a half of century at Saigon

Ham, paste, pork bologna, omelet,… are fried in a small pan and served with bread that is still hot.

Locating in a small alleyway on Cao Thang street (urban district 3, Ho Chi Minh city), this bakery was already a half of century year old. According to older people, this is the first sandwich shop in Saigon. The owner of this shop is the north couple who migrated to the South from the 1950s of the last century.

This is tiny shop with signboard is very old and be tinted time, but taste of bread is still the same as in the early days. The seats for customers are arranged along an alleyway with typical iron chairs that remained from the last century. When you came hear to eat in the morning, you’ll notice there are many older people. They come here in order to enjoy the taste of food that has been associated with their memories in the past. The most famous food in this shop is the mixture that is fried in a small pan. In that pan, there are enough compelling ingredients such as omelet, paste, sausage, ham, pork bologna,… All of ingredients are fried until burning borders with a little of onion. Serving hot with bread.

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You also can not ignore bowl of pickles, not julienne as other Bakeries, pickles of this shop are cut into large slices so it has slight sour taste and delicious. If you do not like omelet, you can call a mixed ham, dusting with a little of pepper, soya sauce, chili sauce, just so you can sit and eat slowly to feel the taste of the dish.

In the minds of many people, bread is fast food that is suitable for busy life. However, one fine morning, you try to come here, sitting on the old chairs in the alleyway, calling a mixed bread and enjoy, it feels like time slowed down.

Where to eat: No 53 Cao Thang stress, ward 5, urban district 3, Ho Chi Minh city. The Bakery always opens from early morning to 10A.M. Price for each mixed bread is VND 42,000.