Saigon’s street food: Banh Duc (Duc cake)

Saigon is a big city, besides the economic center of the country is also known to a place with a rich culinary culture with lots of delicious food. In particular, street food is a unique culture of Saigon, a pleasure to sit on the sidewalk, just sipping dish just watching the road for so long has become a favorite habit of Saigon.

The shop started selling from the 70s of the last century, are widely known for delicious cakes cast and definition something special restaurant, cheap price, you can enjoy at the shop or buy to bring the box carry about.

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The popular restaurant but the food quality is best. “Banh Duc” here attracted by the color yellow apricots, “banh Duc” was scooped into cups, add a little minced meat fried with wood ear, onion and fees. Call a molded cup of  hot “banh Duc”, add the fish sauce and chili grind anymore, so that was enough to awaken your stomach.

“Banh Duc” is soft, aromatic and delicious sauce, all blended so smoothly, an indescribable taste… and it is important that you do not feel bored.

Where? Duc cake shop is located in 116/11 Phan Dang Luu, Phu Nhuan District. Shop open in the range from 14h to 18h. Each bowl bread cast valuable VND 14,000.