Chuyen My Wood Carving Village in Ha Noi

Located in Chuyen My commune, Phu Xuyen district, 40 km from Hanoi, Ngo Ha village is known as a famous Mother-of- pearl inlaid village for thousands years. Mr. Truong Cong Thanh, a military mandarin under Ly period is the great-grandfather of this career.

The salient features of Ngo Ha’s inlay is perfect pieces of mother of pearl: unbrake, flat, and tightly fitted to the carved wood. Designs on mother-of-pearl are lively and special which bring you a feeling of mixing in nature between jungle and sea. From colorful mother of pearl, shell and oyster with wire range of decorative veins, the Chuyen My workers can create any sophisticated designs. According to artisans, mother-of-pearl inlay includes of 6 basic steps: drawing the design, cutting shell into the shape, wood carving, sticking shell into the carved wood, grinding and polishing, making antique look with black powders.

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Mother of pearl inlaid is the symbol of luxury and high position. Many products namely cabinet, bed, chessboard, picture, jewel-box, chopstick box,… not only meet the demand of local but also exported to many international markets.