The regulation for changing foreigners’ driving licenses

Foreigners or Vietnamese nationals residing abroad, possessing a foreign driving license,must change it into the equivalent of Vietnam if they want to drive in the country.


A Chinese national, named Fadeng, who is working in Hà Nội, hopes to change his foreign driving license. What are the procedures to convert a foreign driving license in Việt Nam? (You should read How to convert driving licenses in Vietnam)


(The Hà Nội Transport Department)

All administrative procedures relating to the changes of foreign driving licenses such as sequence, dossiers, and time requirement are stipulated at the city’s database on administrative procedures.

The Department suggested Mr. Fadeng consult the database on administrative procedures on website

The Chinese national will have to follow the procedure 30 to convert his foreign driving license at the first time.

An application dossier for changing a foreign driving license includes:

– An application for changing driving license (form), confirmed by the organization/agency they are working for or the local authority where they are living;

– A copy of driving license (presenting an original one for checking);

– A copy of passport (number, validity, name, photo and visa page for their entry into Việt Nam) and present the passport for checking;

– An authorized translation of the foreign-granted driving license into Vietnamese;

– 03 color passport photos with size 3×4./.

Source VGP