How to cook Sauce hot pot?

When you along with your family organize a small party, nothing is more suitable than a hot pot. It’s interesting to enjoy the taste of the fish sauce hot pot.

1. Ingredients:

– 500g Pig bone: cleaning
– Snakehead fish 1 weighs 900g: cleaning, cut it into pieces.
– 150g fish sauce.
– 200g fresh shrimp, take off skin, remove black thread.
– 300g fresh squid, cleaning, cutting dragon and cut up slices.
– 200g roast, cut up slices.
– 1 eggplant, cut into pieces.
– 4 spoon minced cymbopogon citrates.
– 4 spoon grinded pepper.
– Salt, peppercorn, sugar

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2. Instructions:

To stew pig bone with 2 litre water, after that, remove bone, keep water, add sauce and continue cooking, then filter to get clear water.
To mix fish with a little of pepper, salt and sugar. When cooking oil was hot, put fish in the pan and fry summarily.
To steam shrimp.
To mix quid with vinegar.
To add cymbopogon citrates, snakehead fish, eggplant into sauce pot that was prepared at step 1 and heat with a small flame.
When enjoy, put shrimp, quid, sauce into a bowl, eating with vermicelli, salad, lemon, pepper.

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