How to cook shrimp spring rolls?

The following recipe guides you how to cook shrimp spring rolls dish.

1. Ingredients:

  • 400gr of big shrimps
  • 100gr of Thac Lac fish
  • 50gr of pig neck fat
  • Scallion, garlic cloves, pepper, salt, sugar, glutamate
  • Rice cake, oil

 shrimp spring rolls

2. Instructions:

Prepare the shrimps as in the previous recipe “roasted shrimp paste”

Clean then cut neck fat into threads, mix with a teaspoon of sugar, dry under the sun to make the fat clear.

Smash the shrimps in a mallet until fine, add the Thac Lac fish in then smash until feel heavy in hand, season with 1 teaspoon of salt + ½ teaspoon of smashed scallion + a dash of pepper + neck fat + ½ teaspoon of glutamate, use the pestle to mix it well.

Spread rice cake (coated with water to be a little soft), scoop the meat on the middle then roll it.

Heat the pan with plenty of oil; when the oil is heated, turn down the fire, drop each spring roll in, turn it regularly to be well cooked. When the roll is yellow, remove it out on a basket.

Place the rolls on the plate, garnish with trimming pepper and coriander.

Shrimp spring rolls can be served as an appetizer or we can serve with vermicelli + vegetables and sour fish sauce. Learn: How to make sweet sour dipping sauce?

Besides, we can use a sandwich to roll the mixture. Slice sandwich into thin pieces, cut into 6cmx8cm each, sprinkle a layer of water on the sandwich to make it soft, laminate the piece of sandwich to be thinner then put the meat on, wrap it and fry.

Fried bread with prawns: choose prawns as big as a finger, remove the heads and the covers, but keep the caudals, slice on the backs to take the black thread out, soak in salted water then rinse through water, drain and wipe with a cloth. Choose sandwich with thin slices. To take a mold that had a round shape cut the sandwich, coat a layer of prawn paste, then put a prawn on it and wrap up. Fry like we fry the spring rolls. Can serve with red pepper sauce.