Helpful tips for first time flight

Traveling for the first time by air can somehow be exciting and frightening at the same time especially when going on the trip alone. It is always more of an adventure and can be overwhelming. Here are a few travel tips for first-time travel by air.

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Have enough time to rest before the traveling day

It can be tempting to pack up just the night before the day to travel but that is a very wrong move. So it is always important to have all luggage set days before the deal day. This gives the traveler ample time to rest and more relaxed before the day of travel. It is also important to have all the bags labeled (name, phone number, and email) so should in case of any mix-up or missing luggage, the bag can easily be traced. 

Getting to the airport

For frequent travelers, most airlines always recommend that passengers arrive at the airport at least two hours before takeoff time. But for a first-time traveler, getting to the airport at least three or four hours earlier is most ideal. 

Arriving very early gives the traveler enough time to go through all the necessary checks; baggage checks, security screening and even collect the boarding pass. That way, the traveler can be at the departure gates at least 30 minutes before departure time. 

Plus the traveler can find out all the essential information they need to know more about the flight. Check-in time varies depending on the airline and a majority always states 30 to 45 minutes before the time of departure.

Being at the security checkpoint

At the security checkpoint, the traveler will be screened in detail but first things first; all travelers have to present their IDs and boarding pass at the security checkpoint. After presenting the documents, the next thing will be to have all carry-on luggage along with the footwear and any other item put in the bin so they can be screened via the x-ray machine.

Passengers are equally screened at the same time when the luggage is screened through this procedure varies with airports but ideally, that is how it is supposed to be. Passengers then collect their luggage at the other side and should in case the machine detects any unwanted thing, other screening measures will be put in place.


Passing through the security checkpoint leads to the departure terminal of the airport. The boarding pass tells the traveler the gate the plane will take off from. Normally airports always have big screens that display the list of flight departure times and the gates as well. The screens provide just accurate information travelers need to know more about the flight.

If there are any changes made to the flight time or the gate number, the screens and alerts from the mobile app provide clients with just the right updated information. Always make sure to wear seat belts once boarded on the plane for security reasons.