How to cook Hanoi’s fried shrimp cakes?

The following recipe guides you how to cook Hanoi’s fried shrimp cakes.

1. Ingredients:

  • 400gr of shrimps
  • 500gr of sweet potatoes
  • 50gr of flour
  • 50gr of rice flour
  • Fish sauce, pepper, glutamate, salt, sugar, lemon
  • Odor herbs and lettuce, sliced water spinach and pickles

Hanoi's fried shrimp cakes

2. Instructions:

– Choose fresh shrimps, not too big or too small, cut the heads; clean and drain. Season with salt, sugar, pepper and glutamate.

– Peel the sweet potatoes, then cut into threads.

Take the flour and rice flour into a bowl, add water in then stir it to get a little sticky paste then drop the sweet potatoes and mix well.

Make the sour fish sauce + garlic cloves + red pepper.

Preheat the pan with plenty of oil, when the oil is heated, use a mold like a small cup or take a big spoon, place the sweet potatoes coated with paste in the mud, then put a shrimp on, dip the mold in the oil, when the cake turns yellow, it will float out the mold. Remove the cake, drain on the basket.

Up to your choice, you can cut the cake into small pieces or not, serve hot with lettuce + odor herbs, use with sour fish sauce and pickles.