How I Travelled the World With no Money in the Bank

Travelling the world can be a really enriching and eye opening experience, but the price tag that comes with it can put a lot of people off. Some people spend months and months saving up thousands to embark on the trip of a lifetime, but I’m here to tell you that it doesn’t have to be that way! Instead of spending months and months saving up, travelling can be as easy as booking a flight and turning up at the airport. I have travelled the world, met countless amazing people, and all without a penny in my account! How? You may ask… well I’m here to tell you…

Travelled no money

Refine your craft

I’ve always been fascinated with photography and have practiced the art ever since I was in high school. It wasn’t until after graduation that I discovered the world of freelance photography and that really opened up a door of endless possibilities for me. There is no real trick to breaking into the world of freelance photography. You have to first refine your craft, become at one with your camera and equipment, develop the patience to get the perfect shot and then you have to compile a portfolio with all of your best pictures. Once you have perfected the latter, be sure to make yourself known to all of the newspapers, websites, documentaries and any resource that uses images in some way, shape or form, as this will be your life blood throughout your journey.

If you have a discernible skill that will be useful and could potentially make you money during your travels, then you should use this as your means to an end throughout your adventure. Whether you are a fully licensed yoga teacher, or a practice martial arts, or whether you are good at teaching, or like me, if you have a flair for photography, then you will find that you can travel anywhere in the world with your craft.

I found that once I was on my journey and once I had been set assignments, the money started coming in, and the more money I received on my travels, the more flights I could book to different places, the more food I could experience and so on. I found that relying on this source of income whilst I was living as a traveller really enriched my experience. Travelling in luxury can often lead you off the path of culture and can distance you from the reality of the place. In order to have a truly enriching experience, it’s important to really get stuck in with the community, to speak to new people and to develop a bond with the people you can think of.

Live trustingly

When you are living without a lot of money, you find yourself relying on the community, becoming part of something bigger than yourself and really gaining an understand of how things work. When you are a solo traveller, you become part of a community and will meet people who will give you help, advice and tips along the way, showing you the best, the cheapest and the most enriching places in the world. If you open yourself up to these people and these experiences, then you will have a much more fulfilling experience.

Author Bio:

Alice Porter is a fellow traveller, budgeter and now works for IAS in Manchester.