Use motor-bike taxi “Xe om” when travel in Vietnam

Xe om (you can pronouce – OM)- in the North or Honda om – in the South is the most popular means of transportation in Vietnam. Xe om means ‘Motor-bike embrace’ and passengers always sit behind the driver. In every Vietnam street, you will find them with the signs of XE OM in front of the bikes or you can easily find them on any intersection. Xe om became very popular after the economic ‘boom’ in early 1990s. Today, Xe om is the most convenient way to get around the city at a very reasonable price. Taking Xe om for a ride is an experience, you will really join the local traffic that may not be like your home. Make sure you negotiate the price before riding. The price will be about 10.000-15.000 VND per km. 

Tips: You should bargain for the best price, start with the haft price that was said for the first time by the driver.

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