How to make “ca thu chung thit” sauce (mackerel-meat sauce)

1. Ingredients:

– Mackerel sauce: 2 slices
– Bacon: 150gr
– Ginger, pepper, green onion, sugar, pepper

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2. Instructions:

Mackerel sauce bought at markets, cut to 3 thin slices and wash for clean.
Bacon chopped or pureed.
Shell the ginger cell and chopped thread fibers. Peeled shallots, thinly sliced. Onion leaf is cut about 3cm. Minced pepper and leave about 4-5 fruit.

Mix spices and onions, pepper, chilli chopped wigh bacon. Cause mackerel sauce was quite salty so you add a little of salt, sugar and MSG to delicious.

Line the onion leaf and thread fibers ginger into the bottom of the porcelain bowl and then add the pureed bacon, final pile mackerel sauce on. Arrange alternating pepper, thread fibers of ginger and pepper fruits.
Heat with water-bath for 20 minutes.

Note: This dish should be use when hot.