Where to Get the Finest Coffee in Vietnam?

When we are talking about coffee in Vietnam, we are not talking about the coffee we usually see in different parts of the world. The coffee in Vietnam is a huge representation of what the Vietnamese culture is. The coffee is not just unique but also very creative in its way. This is the reason why you will find many forms and styles of coffee in Vietnam. That’s the best thing about the coffee here. You can satisfy your taste buds with all what you desire in a coffee. You can also find a huge number of Vietnamese coffee shop that are will quench your thirst for coffee in all the possible ways.

Buon Ma Thuot coffee

As we just mentioned that there are many types of coffees with a different taste, style, texture and everything. So, we need to have a slight look at them to admire them even more.

Vietnamese style sweet milk coffee

People in Vietnam know very well what it takes to make the coffees as delicious as ever. This warm drink is not just famous in Vietnam but also in several other Asian countries as well. Vietnamese have become the second-largest exporters of coffee beans and that’s what says amply about their expertise in coffee and its taste.

Cà Phê Trứng

If you were to be amazed by a coffee, this one would be enough to do it for you. This coffee is used with egg. Yes, you heard it right. Although it may seem a little weird and you get second thoughts before trying it but to your dismay, this will be the best thing you would ever have. The weird combinations sometimes do wonders and it wouldn’t be an exaggeration if we say the same for this coffee.

To make this coffee, you need to take raw eggs Nd whip them along with the condensed milk that is sweet. For the tolling, use the drip coffee of Vietnam. The topping will make the whole taste even better and it will add more value to the coffee for sure. So, if you ever visit Vietnam, do not ever forget to have this egg coffee. You will surely do a favour to your taste buds if you try this out.

Hanoi Giang Coffee!

No matter whether you have it in a hot or cold firm, the delicacy will still be there. Some may like it in cold form while some might go for a hot version but both are good in their ways. You can find Hanoi in the north side of Vietnam. You can easily find this drink in north Vietnam. Don’t forget to choose the right coffee shop for the right taste. Café Giang can be a good option for this coffee because it has a great aura which will make you like it for sure. One of the interesting facts about this café is that it is run by a family. Everything about this café is cool we must say.

 Cà Phê Sữa Nóng

not just that you will get a good sugar kicks in the Vietnamese coffee but also you will find them quite strong. That’s how they are and that’s what makes them different from the rest of the world. In the drip coffee, you will also find the condensed milk and it will be potentially strong enough to wake you up from a great hangover. The coffee is as tasty as ever and if you have a sip, it would be difficult for you to resist it again. You can find this drink in mostly all the cafes no matter small or huge.

What’s different about Vietnamese coffee and why is it preferred a lot?

It wouldn’t be any harder for you to answer it now. Vietnamese coffee is unique for it owns a strong and distinctive taste. There are so many types of coffees. The thicker brew in them and the chocolate drips all make it even better than before. There are hot coffees and then there are cold coffees all tasty in their particular ways. So, if you decide to pay a visit to Vietnam, do not forget to enjoy the uniqueness in Vietnamese coffee. It will take you to the world of joy and coffee addicts would be able to understand how good it is going to be. So, do give it a try and treat your taste buds because they deserve it.

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