How to cook roasted shrimp paste?

The following recipe guides you how to cook roasted shrimp paste – a popular and delicious dish in Vietnam.

1. Ingredients:

  • 500gr of fresh shrimps
  • 200gr of Thac Lac fish
  • 100gr of pig neck fat
  • 1 egg
  • 1 sugar cane
  • Scallion, garlic cloves, pepper, sugar, salt, glutamate, coconut juice and alum.

roasted shrimp

2. Instruction:

Choose very fresh shrimp, clean and drain. Remove the heads and the covers as well as the black threads on the backs of the shrimps. Soak in the salted water in 5 minutes, then rinse through water. Dilute a piece of alum with 1 liter of water, sprinkle this water on the shrimps, do some more time by using the previous water to make the shrimp become solid and white.

Drain and soak the shrimps in a bowl of coconut juice in 20 minutes, remove the shrimps, wipe each shrimp with a cloth.

Cut the neck fat into cubes then mix with 1 teaspoon of sugar, dry under the sun in 1 hour to make the fat pure.

Take the yolk of the white of the egg separately.

Chop the 3 scallion and 5 garlic cloves

Peel the cover of the sugar cane, cut into pieces of 10cm long, slice the sugar cane into chunks as big as a finger.

Smash the shrimps in a mallet until fine, add the Thac Lac fish into smash together. Season the paste with 1 teaspoon of salt + ½ teaspoon of glutamate. Smash until we feel heavy in hand. Drop chopped scallion + garlic cloves + ½ teaspoon of pepper + neck fat + the white of the egg in, mix by pestle to make the mixture get well. Let the mixture stand in 15 minutes

Divide the paste into balls as big as a lemon, dip the finger in the oil, then crumple the paste around the chunks of sugar cane. Place the chunks of sugar cane on the grill and broil until golden. Or we can fry them in oil.

Place the chunks of sugar cane on the plate, serve hot with rice paper + vegetable, lettuce, green banana, star fruit that is sliced into thin pieces. Use with sweet soybean sauce. Learn: How to make sweet soybean sauce?