Experience the real Vietnam

Vietnam is one of the most beautiful and charming places in the world to visit. If you come to Viet Nam and want to discover and understand more about the culture, tradition and history of Viet Nam, and expect to do an independent tour to make a strong impression on your trip, the best way is getting your motor running with our tour.

Vietnam is a wonderful country to experience with the local people with 54 different ethnic groups. Topographically, Vietnam is a beautiful tapestry of soaring mountains, magnificent nature, primitive forests and jungles which are inhabited by exotic fauna and flora, winding streams and rivers, mysterious caves, huge rock formations and heavenly waterfalls.  It has magnificent beaches with many different water sports available throughout the country.


Nowadays, more and more tourists in the world want to visit Vietnam. We offer independent tours of Vietnam. Since we started running tours with the Vietnam easy riders from around the world who want to see the real Vietnam. They do not want to follow the well worn tourist trail, they want to get off the beaten tract to explore Viet Nam with a local who really knows and understands the country.

Vietnam Easy Riders team

Today Vietnam is a peaceful country that has moved on and embraces tourism with enthusiasm. A visit delves deep into the heart warming local hospitality and charm of the people and the picturesque sights of Vietnam.  After experiencing many different civil wars and other conflicts it has evolved to be a land of many significant sights which these events have produced. 

Vietnam is an ideal choice for tourists in search of an exotic journey that can’t be found anywhere else. Whilst in Vietnam, you not only experience the local people, but you also experience the unique cultural and historical heritage. 

The highlands have many ethnic minority groups with different cultures, customs and tradition which we would love you to experience. The Central Highlands has a cool climate and fertile deltas where many varied crops are grown, examples are coffee, tea, mulberry, cashew, black pepper and cotton plantations.  Silk farms are  also a highlight to visit in this area seeing the worms produce silk.

Why choose us? We have organized and led many independent tours for people coming to Viet Nam and we can tailor make any tour of the country to suit exactly what you want to see and experience. We always try to offer tourists and travelers the tours in which they get to see the most spectacular views of the Central Highland, Mekong Delta, countrysides, Ho Chi Minh trails through Vietnam and all about the local life of people that we meet on the road. This is the only way to get off the beaten tracks.

After working really hard for a long time, we have been strongly recommended in many different guidebooks such as Lonely Planet, Rough Guide etcand of course in many reputed sites such as TripAdvisorTravelFishLonelyPlanet etc…

If you come to Vietnam and expect to do something special with a lifetime memory of your trip, the best way is on a motorcycle with one of our tours. Why not join us to discover and understand more about the culture, traditions and history of our homeland.

Looking forward to seeing you on the road!