How to cook squid sour soup?

VietnamSurprise –  It’s so delicious if you have a bowl of hot squid sour soup in cold weather. Do you want to cook this dish? Let try with the squid recipe below:

1. Ingredients:

– Fresh squid: 500g

– Prawns: 200g 

– Dried tamarind: 100g

– Sliced citronella: 1 spoon 

– Red pepper powder: 1 teaspoon

– Fish sauce, salt, scallion, garlic cloves, pepper, sugar, glutamate, spearmint

Squid sour soup - muc nau canh chua

2. Instructions:

Clean the cuttlefish, drain, cut light cross on the surface of cuttlefish then cut into rectangular pieces of about 3x5cm. Season with 1 spoon of fish sauce + a dash of salt. Clean the prawns, remove the head + covers as well as the black thread on their backs, soak in salted water then rinse again. Drain

Soak the tamarind in hot water, to stir thoroughly to remove the pulp of tamarind, take out the seed. Chop the citronella, garlic cloves and scallion. Clean spearmint, cut into small pieces.

Heat the pot, pour 3 spoons of oil in. When the oil is heated, add citronella into fry until fragrant, add again chopped garlic cloves + scallion. Then pour the shrimp into fry, add in a dash of red pepper powder, mix to make it colors. Pour into a bowl of water. When it boils, season fish sauce, sugar, and glutamate, wait for the water boils again then add tamarind juice. Let it boil again, taste the soup to your taste, finally, pour the cuttlefish in. Remove the pot. 

The soup after cooked had the sour taste of tamarind, the piquancy of red pepper and sweetness of cuttlefish. 

Draw the soup into the bowl, sprinkle chopped spearmint and a dash of pepper on. Can serve with rice or vermicelli.