How To Make Pickled Vegestables In Fish Sauce

VietnamSurprirseFollowing the recipe below to learn how to make Pickled Vegestables In Fish Sauce:

1. Ingredients:

– Daikon, Carrot (cut into 1.5 inches length, 1 inch width): 300g

– Carrot (cut into 1.5 inches length, 1 inch width): 300g

– Kohlrabi (or green papaya) (thinly sliced): 300g

– Fish sauce: 250ml

– Chilies (small): 10

– Sugar: 6 tablespoons

Pickled Vegestables In Fish Sauce

2. Instructions:

Dry all vegetables in sunlight for 2 days. Make sure that the vegetables must be really dry and shrunk.

Stir in fish sauce with sugar the boil the mixture and leave to cool then put the vegetables in a glass pot (the pot must be well-washed, rinsed with boiling water and really dried before place the vegetables inside).

Add the fish sauce to the vegetables for the vegetables must be drowned in sauce, press them down by putting a dish and a stone on them. 

The pickled vegetables can be used after a week and preserved to eat gradually in some months.