12 tips to avoid pickpockets while traveling

The following experience will help you minimize the possibility of loss of property while traveling.

1. Always keep valuables in front pockets or bags secrets. You should make sure that these things are not to protrude out of the bag and caught the evil eye. Only keep little value things in backpacks, because of they are often easy to “touch” by thieves.

2. Avoid going through the crowd jammed. There, many pocket pickers can easily blend and action when people do not notice.

3. A common mistake is that you usually pay attention to your valuables bag too much. Which will help evildoers easily identify where your valuables contained.

4. Do not count money or find valuables in a bag in a public place. Your valuables may be snatched when you are confused to find items or get the money from the pocket. If absolutely necessary, you should leave the crowd churn before doing it.

5. Do not hold your pocket in front of beggars. You may not know they are the burglars or not!

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6. Make sure that all of your bags strap shortened possible! Do not let them loose on the shoulders and squeezed loosely below the waist. It should be short enough to get the money and it is still below your elbow. If the strap is long enough, crossed over the chest will make sure hardly anyone can pull it off you. Read How to choose a suitable tourist backpacks.


7. Hold your credit card and other valuables ASAP when sellers or money collectors give it to you after payment. You should never give your card to the waiter while eating. Because they will have time to copy the card information, just pay after ending meal.

8. Do not keep all of your money in the pocket when go out. Keep important documents and most of the money in the hotel. You can photo your documents to use in case of necessity. Read more: How to to keep money safe when traveling or Find the best backpack here.

9. Use belts or wallets containing money inside the jacket (Fanny pack). The way to keep money in secret places will reduce the possibility of theft.

belt money keeping
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10. Split the money for many of small amounts and bring at least two pockets is better. You should use two canvas wallets, and tie at your neck legs. These are the most difficult place for thieves to steal.

11. Always keep a keen eye on your items. To avoid being forgotten, do not place your bags or pocket in restaurant, cafe or other public places. If you have to go to the bathroom or leave the seat somewhere, just plug in your personal belongings.

12. Wear the backpack over your chest while going through crowded places, especially while on the public transportation such as subways, trains, buses… Ideally, you should not leave anything important in the backpack.