The shimmering sea rocks in Co Thach beach – Binh Thuan province

On 1km long coastline, the rocks of Co Thach looks extremely impressive with shimmering like jewel colors, sometime they like a shaggy giant sea monster.

Co Thach beach located in Binh Thanh Commune, Tuy Phong District, Binh Thuan province, far from Phan Thiet City about 90km. There are two ways to get here, firstly, from Phan Thiet down along highway No1 to Co Thach. Secondly, from Mui Ne down to highway No1 at Luong Son. Both also also embrace the beautiful sea, or the immense sand dunes picture.

color stone in Co Thach beach-Binh Thuan province

Located in a quiet place, low service, very few visitors visit Co Thach beach, so that also explains why this place is wild despite of put into operation travel for a long time. Like the other beaches in Binh Thuan, Co Thach beach is a pure sea, blue water, with waves of moderate but fast and strong. 

color stone in Co Thach beach-Binh Thuan province

In addition to swimming, tourists can enjoy the giant rocks with various shapes are clustered in groups near the shore. It looked like an elephant stone fountains are curved, with the same base are drowning chicks relax by the lake after a tour… Leave the giant rocks, far about 300 meters along the coast, you’ll find a rocky bank to gather hundreds of thousands of rich pebble shaped like squares, triangles, hexagons, polygons, diamond … Not only varied in shape, the stones here are many different colors such as white, black, yellow, brown, purple, green, blue, red … with beautiful veins. This rocky bank had been formed for hundreds of years, with the length of about 0.9 km and a width of 200-300m and a stone reserve of 243,900m3. Under the waves and the sun, the rocks glow colors like sparkling jewels purest.

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