Cultural Tourism Week Festival Khau Vai love market in 2013

Week of Culture, Tourism Festival Khau Vai Love Market-2013 will officially take place for 3 days, from 4-6/5 (ie from the date of the lunar 25-27/3) at Khau Vai commune, Meo Vac district (Ha Giang province) with special cultural activities, abundant. Currently Meo Vac district is ready for this week’s special culture of ethnic minorities in the Global Geoparks Dong Van Plateau.

According to Tran Kim Ngoc, Vice President of the People’s Committee of Meo Vac district, Festival Chairman, said, Khau Vai love market is fair “affluent” unique and has become a legend for each people of ethnic minorities live in the Global Geoparks Dong Van Plateau.

Ethnic girls happy in love market
The happy smile of ethnic girls in Khau Vai love market – Image credit:

This is a festival of the young couple in love, but for several reasons they can not be together. Already a covenant, on the day 27/3 lunar year, they will gather here to find ancestors, sharing the joy and sadness of life.

In order to preserve the traditional cultural identity and to promote the image of the land and people of Meo Vac district, cultural and tourism week Khau Vai love market festival this year will be the People’s Committee organized Meo Vac district held with various activities, such as special: the beauty contest ethnic costumes, the festival of rain Lo Lo ethnic; Opening Khau Vai love market festival and art show replayed story the legend, introduced the Global Geoparks Dong Van Plateau.

Also offering incense in temple rituals Mr., Mrs. Temple, visiting French boots … Week tourists to cultural tourism festival Khau Vai love market also participate in cultural activities and entertainment, traditional games of her children and ethnic minorities bearing deep ethnic culture such as dance pan leaf blowing trumpets, also hit, hit oats, crossbow, hitting a fresh, push sticks, tug of war, play loud … Witnessed firsthand the unique contests such as denial, refusing to, fighting and horse racing Nightingale … Embroidered Brocade contest of the Lo Lo ethnic girl, baking contests Nung ethnic thick, woven linen implementation of Hmong.

Guests also enjoy the unique cuisine of the people of ethnic minorities such as the month, pea princess, men men, dried beef, bacon, goat hot pot … Every visitor is spoiled for choice for their products, souvenirs of her children in Dong Van Stone Plateau as mint honey, corn liquor, or a compliment Mong panpipe brocade costume clothes the Lo Lo ethnic girls, Hmong…

Khen playing in love market
A boy are playing “Khen” with girls in Khau Vai love market – Image credit: VNA

Identify cultural events is large and significant, and this time the preparations for festivities Meo Vac district implemented urgently, thoughtful, complete. The propaganda festive decorations have been implemented synchronously. Across the road, the street from Bac Quang district – District of Ha Giang gateway; Xuyen district, Ha Giang province to 4 city district located on the northern highland plateau Dong Van, Meo Vac district from center to Khau Vai commune are decorated flags, ribbons ozone, slogans in two languages: Vietnamese, English with the content: “Welcome to the Weekly Cultural Tourism Festival-2013 Khau Vai love market “,” Vai Love Market Opening – The meeting place of the North Pole “…

The script details of each event are different levels, sectors finished in the final stages. Fibers for denying contest, play to, racecourse and stage Khau Vai love market was built, to serve as the new home for the festival. The communes, towns and villages, cultural and tourist community of Meo Vac district is actively preparing to welcome visitors sewing, specialty foods, unique tourism products to serve local tourists in Ceremony opportunity.

To ensure security and order, for domestic and foreign tourists to attend cultural and tourism week Khau Vai love market festival-2013, the industry has enhanced functions to ensure the work force safety information, order and security before, during and after the festival. The route from Meo Vac district center to Khau Vai commune was renovated, upgraded, ensuring travelers a comfortable, smooth traffic. Sanitation and food safety, the accommodation establishments, restaurants, hotels, electrical work, water and ensure the criteria listed publicly.

With the preparation of the Organizing Committee, Cultural Tourism Week Festival Khau Vai Love Market-2013 will attract tourists to visit by the culture very unique take imbued with national identity and the spirit of overcoming difficulties of her children the minority here … Coming to Khau Vai love market – not only remember the unique fair, every visitor will remember about the cultural values, humanity has existed for many generations now on Global Geoparks Dong Van Plateau. /.

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