Open tourism programme Chu Dau Pottery Village – Hai Duong province

A programme aimed at boosting the numbers of tourists visiting the Chu Dau ceramic handicraft village in northern province of Hai Duong will commence on April 27.

Local artisans created the ceramics, unique to the area, at the end of 14th century. The production of the wares involved delicate glazing, which blended the green glaze of Ly-Tran dynasties ceramic and blue and white decorative patterns. The new type of pottery reached its popularity in 15-16th century and in 1992, the archaeological site in Chu Dau was listed as a national heritage site.

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The tourism programme in the village will include an exhibition of ancient and contemporary ceramic collections and a map of ceramic production sites throughout the country. Ceramic artisans will also be detailed and a worshipping ceremony will be held to commemorate artisan Bui Thi Hy, predecessor of ceramic craft. The programme is also to include a guided tour through the village and a visit to the archaeological site.