Travel by BUS in Ho Chi Minh city

The bus system in Ho Chi Minh City has  152 routes which covers most tourism destinations within and nearby the city. Buses in Ho Chi Minh City have the white and light green color. With the price support from Government, the price for bus ticket fluctuates between 3,000 and 10,000 VND, it depends on the type of buses acd distances.

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The bigest problem with Buses in Ho Chi Minh city are quality of the cars and degrading services, however in Ho Chi Minh city buses might not crowded as those in Hanoi. Another issue is the waiting time is so long, cause the distances between each bus station (bus station to tourism destinations) are pretty far. The bus routes in Ho Chi Minh City are often named by the beginning and end points, so you should check your bus number carefully before getting on.

The bigest bus stations in Ho Chi Minh City are Ben Thanh Station, Cho Lon Station and Mien Dong station. You can download the map with number of 152 routes here:

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