Shopping in Lang Son border town

If you ever find yourself in Lang Son Province for whatever reason, you have to spend time shopping at local markets which offer diverse goods at fantastic prices.

Shopping is top of the list in the itinerary for tourists and business people alike as the city lies next to the border with China.

Three markets which feature prominently in Lang Son’s tourism guide books are Dong Kinh market, Ky Lua night market and Tan Thanh border market.

Markets are a magnet for men or women, as they can buy anything in Lang Son and bargain freely to get the best price and it also helps the local economy.

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Some groups after visiting Lang Son have to hire a small truck to carry their goods home. Visiting landscapes such as Tam Thanh Cave or border surroundings is just secondary to haggling at the three big markets.

Dong Kinh is located right in the center of Lang Son City with everything from grilled ducks to electronic products on offer. However, sellers offer overcharged prices so tourists should be careful.

Ky Lua opens early morning until late. It is also an option for tourists to stroll around to not only shop but learn more about daily culture after dinner.

Tan Thanh Market is a bit away, 30 kilometers to be exact from Lang Son City but it is huge.

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Source: Thesaigontimes