Binh Dinh province discovery

It is located on the coast of Central Vietnam. It is surrounded by Quang Ngai in the north, Phu Yen in the south, Gia Lai in the west, and the East Sea in the east with the coastline of 100km and some island offshore. The topography is divided in four regions: highlands, midlands, plains, and coast. The heart of the province is Quy Nhon City which is 1,065km from Hanoi and 649km from Ho Chi Minh City.

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Binh Dinh province has a long coastline of approximately 100km, and includes both small and big islands off-shore. It has a well-maintained infrastructure that carries diverse modes of transportation, allowing it to serve as an economic centre.

Binh Dinh is famous as the centre of the old Sa Huynh Culture. It used to be established as one of the capital cities of the former Cham Kingdom for a long period. The popular Cham towers are Banh It, Duong Long, Canh Tien, and Doi.Binh Dinh has special products such as silk, swallow nest, shrimp, fish, precious wood, vegetable oil, rice, marble, titanium, and handicraft articles.

Binh Dinh province is homeland of national hero, Quang Trung-Nguyen Hue. His name can be related to the great Tay Son Uprising and the glorious victories over the forceful invaders of Chinese and Siam. Binh Dinh is cradle of Tuong opera (Hat Boi), Tay Son martial music, Bai Choi musical plays, Ba Trao festival music of the littoral people, and especially Tay Son wasted sect. The traditional festivals are Tay Son, Ca Ong, An Thai Village and Thi Tu Village.

Binh Đinh has one specialty wine that everyone has to be careful when drinking it. That is Bau Da wine. It is mostly made by the Kon River and incubated by Binh Dinh’s style. You may think Vodka is the wine that easy get drunk, however Bau Da wine “knock out” people quickier.