How to cook Vietnamese grilled “half lean and half meat” covers the clams?

The following recipe guides you how to cook Vietnamese half lean and half meat covers the clam dish.

1. Ingredients:

  • 200gr of clam flesh
  • 200gr of half lean half meat
  • 1 spoon of smashed red pepper
  • 1 teaspoon of smashed garlic clove
  • Sugar, glutamate, salt, soy sauce, pepper

grilled clams

2. Instructions:

– Clean clam flesh, cut the black part of the clams away, soak in salted water then rinse again, drain.

– Choose good half lean half meat, cut into thin wide slices that can wrap the clam flesh.

– Marinate clams with smashed red pepper + smashed garlic cloves. Let stand around 30 minutes.

– Season half lean half meat with 2 spoons of soy sauce + 1 teaspoon sugar + ½ teaspoon of pepper + a dash of salt. Let stand around 30 minutes.

– Take a piece of half lean half meat to wrap a clam and pack in bamboo chopstick with around 5 pieces each, place on the grill to broil.

– Place the meat on the plate, serve hot with lemon juice and salt with pepper. Can eat with slices of star fruit and green banana.

Note: Meat should slice into thin pieces as we broil on high heat. If not, we have to broil for a long time and the clam flesh becomes elastic