How to cook Vermicelli with grilled meat

1. Ingredients:

– A cut of pork side or pork armpit – a park under shoulder: 400g

– Pork shoulder: 600g.

– Fresh vermicelli: 1000g.

– Dried shallot: 20g

Green papaya: 200g

– Carrot: 100g

– Charcoal: 1000g

– Others: garlic, chili, lemon, white sugar, fish sauce, seasoning starch, caramel sauce, vinegar, coriander, fresh herbs, salad, pepper, spring onion.

Vermicelli with grilled meat
Vermicelli with grilled meat serve with fresh herbs

2. Instruction:

– To wash and mince pork shoulder, mix it with the shallot (that is already chopped), pepper, seasoning starch, fish sauce. Shaping that mixture into small balls with size of a litchi, then press slightly each ball into a flat patty.

– To wash and slice pork armpit, mix with the dried shallot, pepper, caramel sauce, fish sauce for marination.

– To remove peel from green papaya, carrot; cut them into slices ( you could carve into flower or animal shape), sprinkle with salt and wash, soak in fish sauce mixed with vinegar, minced chili, dried garlic and sugar.

– To mix fish sauce with vinegar (or lemon), chili, minced dried garlic, sugar to make dipping sauce. To ladle the sauce into a bowls.

– To wash and soak salad, fresh herbs, coriander in slight saline water, drain and put them on a plate.

– To grill the pork over a charcoal-burner until browned, transfer them to a plate.

– To arrange vemicelli into a plate.

– When serve, put vermicelli into a bowl of sauce, eatting with grilled meat, pickled papaya and carrot, salad, fresh herbs and coriander.