Canyoning tour in Dalat City, Vietnam

When you visit Vietnam, most likely you would be offered some tours because they are essential components of your trip. True, the tours may be great. However, after you have done some a few times, the journey may just turn out to be boring. In order to enjoy more of what Vietnam can offer, why not try something new, such as the extreme sport of canyoning in Da Lat?

Canyoning Da Lat – What is it?

When we say canyoning, it refers to the hikes through the canyon. This often involves having to navigate through steep and rough terrain. You may also need to do some climbing, swimming, jumping, or even repelling. Da Lat canyoning tours offer you a lot of these opportunities. You may even get to experience repelling down a waterfall. There are several companies offering these types of tours. All of these companies can provide you with their own guides to assist you through the activity in and outside the canyon.

Canyoning in Dalat

In most of these companies, your tour will pick you up from your hotel and help you gear up. They will provide you with high-quality canyoning Da Lat equipment. Rest assured that the equipment they use is very safe and perfect for the said activity. First you will be introduced to the practice hill. Here, you will be thought to use your equipment and how to move with the rope. From the practice hill, you will get to your first canyoning in Da LatDa Lat challenge, a 15 meter cliff. Do not worry about taking your time; make sure that you are safe as you go down.

The Canyoning Da Lat Adventure Continues

Next, you will be led to a small waterfall where you can slide down to the underneath water. This part is extremely fun as you try different ways of sliding down. This small waterfall is just a prelude to the biggest challenge throughout the Da Lat canyoning tours, a 25 meter waterfall which you need to repel down. Here, you need to be very careful in walking slowly because the face of the cliff is slippery and slick with water. Keep in mind that at the bottom, the rope is about three meters short, so you really have to let go and fall to the water. Read more Canyoning at Datanla waterfalls, Da Lat city.

After completing the adventure, most companies offering Da Lat canyoning tours will provide you with bahn mi sandwiches and fruits for lunch. After lunchtime, the next challenge is to jump off a 13 meter cliff with deep water waiting below before going through the final repel on a waterfall, which is often called by the locals as the washing machine. You will know why when you get to the spinning water. Indeed, canyoning in Da Lat would be more fun for adventure seeking tourists.