Dalat Easy Riders

We are the original Dalat easy riders who was found the group of Motorbike-Tour-Guide since 1991. Dalat is the homeland and base of easy riders.

Nothing can compare to freedom. If you really like to be outdoors, please come with us to expose the hidden charms of the country. We will be happy to escort you “into the wild” and “into the community”.

We are the original Dalat easy riders who was found the group of Motorbike-Tour-Guide since 1991. Dalat is the homeland and base of easy riders.

We have already done a lot of tours with tourists from different countries such as: English, French, Spanish, German, Dutch, Canadian, Danish etc.… throughout the country. We have got enough knowledge in any field about Vietnam such as history, agriculture, politics, minority people etc… so we can satisfy all tourists’ requirements. Our experience is over ten years and half of us is over fifteen years. We always listened to our customers so we will be able to satisfy them. Most of tourists who did the tours were happy and satisfied even the most difficult clients!
Dalat Easy Riders 
The members of the Easy Rider Team decided to have the better way for tourist services. We want to work in discipline of the law. We have been registered. You will know us by our smiles, friendly approachable manner and EASY RIDER Club jackets “Blue, white”.
  • We started our job with years of experiences so we also have English, French and German speaking drivers who will give you a valuable insight into the people and the country. We will provide you with big motorbikes, safety helmets and raincoats in case it rains. Next to that, insurance is being paid for you during the ride. Your safety is our first priority.
  • Our purpose its not only working for today, but more for tomorrow. It’s why we do focus on how to customize your requests, your interests to make sure you really have a great time when going with us. We promise to serve you with enthusiasm from heart because your enjoyment is our happiness. Thanks a lot for taking time to read this website. For any of your tour enquiry, questions, please leave them here. We will respond promptly.
Vietnam is one of the most beautiful and charming places in the world to visit. Please come with us to discover and understand more about the culture, tradition and history of our homeland. If you want to make unforgettable memories of your Vietnam trip, the best way is on one of our motorcycle tours. We will show you Vietnam’s real culture and historic battlefield military sites of your choice.
After working really hard for a long time,we have been strongly recommended in many different guidebooks such as Lonely Planet, Rough Guide etc….
Come with us on a tour of our beautiful country. We’ll take you to hill-tribe villages where the tourist buses don’t go, we’ll stay where the locals stay, eat what and where the locals eat, learn the story directly from them. Passionate about the outdoors, we’ll escort you through vibrant forests, hidden waterfalls and National parks. Curious about our history? We’ll bring you to ancient town, famous battle grounds above and beyond the legendary of Ho Chi Minh trail, strategic out spots and provide you with the people’s history of what transpired during the War.
If you want to see the real Vietnam? Let Dalat Easy Riders show you the way!