One month motorbike tour in Vietnam

Looking for a motorcycle tour? Vietnam is a right country to do. Vietnam is an exciting, interesting, dynamic and colorful place that has no equal.

Looking for a motorcycle tour? Vietnam is a right country to do. Vietnam is an exciting, interesting, dynamic and colorful place that has no equal. The Vietnam motorbike tours always give you a feeling of freedom and self-discovery, self-conquest of nature, closer to nature for the simple receptors. Or simply explore about a different culture. So when serving tourists, we are always standing at the customer’s location, try to listen and understand the true purpose of customer. Moreover, with rich experiences guided motorbike, who conquered many trails in Vietnam, we can take you to the land where there is a little Vietnamese arrived, giving you many new experiences.

Day 1: Ha Noi – Mai Chau: 180 km (6 hours riding)

Leave Ha Noi for Hoa Binh town, we will be driving through villages, valleys of Ha Tay and Hoa Binh province to explore the life of the locals as well as enjoy the breath-taking scenery of the area. Have lunch at the local restaurant, and then head of the road to visit the power plant and continue hitting the roads up hills to Kun pass and onto nice roads, to have some great shots of the spectacular panoramic views over the valleys and mountains. Travel to Lac village of the White Thai ethnic minority in Mai Chau in the late afternoon, check in a still house. Have dinner there and you might want to join the traditional dance of locals, try their traditional wine “Ruou Can”. Overnight in the stilt house

Day 2: Mai Chau – Son La: 150 km (5 hours riding)

Leaving early for Son La, stop in Moc Chau to enjoy a hundred of giant grass farm for cows. You will learn and know why this is the biggest milking center in Vietnam! We then continue driving to Son La, trek through the rain forest and enjoy the view from North mountain, you will arrive in Son La around 3 p.m., check in the hotel and then visit the ancient prison in the French war, explore the town on foot. Overnight in Son La

Day 3: Son La – Dien Bien Phu: 180km (7 hours riding)

Leave Son La for Dien Bien Phu, enjoy the particular ride and scenery, stop at the Tuan Giao town for lunch and continue traveling to Dien Bien Phu – The famous historical site of Vietnam, where we defeated the French to seize our freedom and independence, visit the old battlefields of, war museum, airport… itch to learn more about a part of Vietnamese history. Overnight in Dien Bien Phu

Day 4: Dien Bien Phu – Lai Chau – Tam Duong: 180km (7 hours riding)

Leave Dien Bien Phu for Tam Duong, drive throughout Lai Chau to enjoy the different sights of the area, have lunch in this old town, then head out for Tam Duong, on this day you’ll have a chance to see the most beautiful hill tribes in Northern Vietnam with the variety of clothes and home such as H’Mong, Black Thai, Black Dzao, Pazi… to learn what they do for living as well as their traditions and customs. Overnight in Tam Duong.

Day 5: Tam Duong – Sapa 100km (4 hours riding)

Leaving Tam Duong for Sapa, stop over in Binh Lu to visit Binh Lu Market of the Lu hill tribe (black teeth) and then you might want to go trekking here for a couple hours to explore the area. Then we will drive through Tram Ton Pass – 2000 meters from the sea level, see the Fansipan Peak and Silver waterfall nearby. Arrive in Sapa and stay overnight.

Day 6: Sapa Lao – Chai and Ta Van village (trekking and Homestay)

This day you might want to relax and stay away our motorbike! We will trek down to Muong Hoa Valley to visit Lao Chai village and explore the Black H’Mong hill tribe. Have lunch on the way, then keep trekking to the bottom of the Sapa valley to get to Ta Van village, which is considered to be the most beautiful one in the area, where you stay overnight in a local family.

Day 7: Sapa – Bac Ha: 210 km (7 hours riding)

Leave Sapa for Bac Ha, we will explore more into Northern Vietnam, we will then travel through the Chinese border town, Lao Cai, and then to the colorful market at Muong Khuong. This market gathers the differences and wide variety of ethnic minority groups such as: H’mong, Dao, Phu La, La Chi, Tay,… etc. You will learn and experience so much in this area. Then we leave Muong Khuong for Bac Ha, visit H’mong King’s former residence and Ban Pho where the local people make the potent local maize wine. Overnight in Bac Ha

Day 8: Bac Ha – Hanoi: 280 km (6 hours riding)

Leaving Back Ha for Ha Noi, we will travel through the verdant and rugged mountain scenery

These back roads are a great way to explore the real Vietnam. We see very few other travelers, mostly rural dwellers who are just as interested in finding out about our lives as we are of theirs. You will enjoy the ride through these areas. It’s a long day to ride, but we will stop several times en-route to stretch your legs and have some great shots.

Day 9: Ha Noi – Ha Long Bay (170 km 5 hours riding)

Leave the busy Ha Noi for Ha Long bay, visit some small villages and enjoy the particular scenery en-route, and then get on the wooden boat and have some seafood on board, sail to see the spectacle of limestone pillars and islets to contemplate the breath-taking scenery of Ha Long Bay, listed as a World Heritage Area of outstanding natural beauty. Overnight on boat.

Day 10: Ha Long Bay – Ninh Binh: 190 km (5 hours riding)

Enjoy swimming after having breakfast and disembark before noon time and then leave Ha Long Bay for Ninh Binh, visit the some small villages and enjoy the beautiful scenery en-route. Drive to Tam Coc for the boat trip along the paddy fields, caves. We will then take you to travel through the villages along the limestone mountains to visit the ancient capital of Vietnam. Overnight in Ninh Binh

Day 11: Ninh Binh – Thanh Hoa: 120 km (3 hours riding)

Leave early to travel to Cuc Phuong National Park explore the wildlife for a few hours, then stop over in some famous sights of the area such as: Trang An, Bai Dinh Temple,… etc., visit the breath-taking nature of Tam Coc – Bich Dong to have some great photos that you can’t find anywhere else. Arrive at the hotel in Thanh Hoa and stay overnight.

Day 12: Thanh Hoa – Vinh: 220 km (7 hours riding)

Visit the small villages near Vinh to explore the local villagers how they make mats, marble stones, the way they roll and process tobacco. On the way to Sen Village, where Uncle Ho was born and grown up, we will visit Ba Trieu Temple to learn more about Vietnam legendady heroes! Overnight in Vinh town.

Day 13: Vinh – Ky Anh: 120 km (4 hours riding)

Leave Vinh around 8 am to visit the Ho Chi Minh Square, The Nguyen Du Great Poet Monument, the historic vestage Dong Loc Three-Way Cross, Huong Tich Pagoda,… etc.. Arrive in Ki Anh around 4 p.m., check-in and explore the town on foot. Stay overnight in Ky Anh

Day 14: Ki Anh – Phong Nha Caves: 180 km (5 hours riding)

Leave Ky Anh for Natural World Heritage Phong Nha Caves, stop over at the peak of the Ngang Pass to relax and enjoy the quietude as well as take some great pictures. We will then travel to the salt making village, shrimp farms and then reach to Da Nhay Beach and Phong Nha Caves. Stay overnight in Phong Nha.


Day 15: Phong Nha Caves – Dong Hoi: 90 km (3 hours riding)

Get up early this day to explore Phong Nha Caves around 4 hours on foot and boat. Then we drive to the legendary Ho Chi Minh trail to discover the “battle field village”, the historic vestige, Phu Hoa Church to learn more about the war as well as the hard life of the locals. Head to Dong Hoi town afterwards, check-in hotel and stay overnight.

Day 16: Dong Hoi – Khe Sanh: 200 km (6 hours riding)

Continue traveling along the Ho Chi Minh trail to visit the marvelous views of the Northen Truong Son Mountain, then head to Vinh Moc tunnels and DMZ (Demilitarized Zone) to learn more about the Civil War of Vietnam before 1975. Arrive in Khe Sanh around 5 pm and stay overnight.

Day 17: Khe Sanh – A Luoi: 160 km (5 hours riding)

Visit Khe Sanh Battle Field, Dakrong area and its bridge and then we travel to the small villages of Churu Van Kieu ethnic minority to learn what they do for living as well as how they put up with the war before 1975 and created the legend for themselves and the area. Enjoy one of the most beautiful sights when you travel by motorcycle at the edge of Vietnam and Laos border. Arrive in the mountain town. A low around 5 pm, check-in hotel, explore the area on foot and stay overnight here.

Day 18: A Luoi – Hue: 120 km (4 hours riding)

Continue traveling along the Ho Chi Minh trail to visit the historic vestige and battle field, Hamburger Hill, learn more about the orange agent areas that’s still effected to the local people’s life nowadays. Heading to Hue after visiting the farmers who live in the new economic regions in the mountain, the tomb of the King Minh Mang,… Arrive in Hue around 5 pm, check-in hotel. After having dinner, you might want to get on the boat and move into the middle of Huong River and listen to the local people play Hue’s traditional folk music. Overnight in Hue

Day 19: Hue – Hoi An: 160 km (6 hours riding)

Visit Nam Giao Ancient Village, Linh Mu Pagoda, Kim Long Village and learn how they make their traditional and well-known wine. Travel to Lang Co beach to enjoy one of the nicest beaches in Vietnam. Drive to Hai Van Pass and stop at the peak to view the stunning panoramic view of Hue, Lang Co Beach and Da Nang area. Then we head to Hoi An after visiting Marble Mountain and ceramic village. Check-in and explore Hoi An Ancient Town on foot. Overnight in Hoi An

Day 20: Hoi An – Kham Duc: 130 km (5 hours riding)

Leaving Hoi An around 8.30 a.m. and show you the rural life of locals such as: incense making, basket making village, rice paper making… and then head to My Son Hollyland where you can visit the ancient Cham Towers and learn about their history and culture,… and then travel to the Ho Chi Minh trail where you can learn about the Civil War of Vietnam before 1975 as well as enjoy the breath-taking nature of the area,… reach to Kham Duc around 5p.m stay overnight in the small town.

Day 21: Kham Duc – Kon Tum: 150 km (5 hours riding)

Leaving Kham Duc for Kon Tum: Visit other ethnic minority villages such as Churu, Tay, Nung,… to learn their traditions, customs, cultures. Continue following the Ho Chi Minh trail to visit Phoenix Airport and other important bases of the Southern Government before 1975, visit Vinh Son orphanages, Wooden Church (was built by French in 40s), stay overnight in Kon Tum.

Day 22: Kon Tum – Cu Jut: 230 km (7 hours riding)

Leaving Kon Tum for Cu Jut: Travel to Kon Ktu village to explore the daily life of Bana, learn more about their culture, custom, tradition,… visit “the Eyes of Pleiku” Sea Lake, rubber plantation, Ede ethnic minority village to experience pleasure with their unique culture,… and then travel to Dray Sap and Dray Nu waterfalls (the biggest waterfalls in Vietnam) and enjoy in the Fairy Pool after a long day ride,… stay overnight in the bungalow next the Virgin waterfall in Cu Jut.

Day 23: Cu Jut – Lak Lake: 110 km (4 hours riding)

Leaving Cu Jut for Lak Lake: visit the locals to learn how they process the coffee and taste the best coffee of Vietnam, the brick making factory, and then trek to the top of the Elephant Mountain to enjoy the panoramic view of the area, travel to Jun village where you can learn more about the M’nong hill tribe’s culture and their elephant hunting legendary, have some great shots of fishermen on Lak Lake in the dusk. Stay overnight in natural Lak Lake where you can choose a hotel or homestay with locals.

Day 24: Lak Lake – Dalat: 165km (6 hours riding)

Leaving Lak Lake for Dalat: You can ride elephant or boat to pass the Lake to visit M’lieng ethnic minority village and then explore Jun village to learn more about the rural life of man tribe. Stop at foot of the mountain to see how locals make chopsticks, incenses,… and the farmers who cultivate goods on their lands such as flowers, coffee, tea, mushrooms, vegetables, then head to Dalat and visit the highlights of Dalat such as Crazy House, Dragon Pagoda, Former Railway Station,… arrive in Dalat around 5p.m.

Day 25: Dalat – Mui Ne: 150 km (5hours riding)

Leaving Dalat for Mui Ne: Visit Lat village to learn more about the rural life of highlanders, K’ho, the original residents of Dalat. Then visit Meditation Monastery, Paradise Lake,… Have some great shots of white and red sand dunes, fairy springs, fishing village,… before arriving in Mui Ne around 5 pm.

Day 26: Mui Ne – Vung Tau: 170 km (5 hours riding)

Visit the colorful fishing market, Champa Towers and their culture, get on the cable car and travel to Takou Mountain and visit Reclining Buddha,… and then travel to Vung Tau and stay overnight.

Day 27: Vung Tau – Saigon: 150 km (5 hours riding)

Visit Ho Coc beach and the hot water springs, Binh Chau, Thuong Chieu Monastery Pagoda, Minh Dam Army Base and Cu Chi Tunnels to learn more about the war. Head to Saigon and visit the highlights of the area like Reunification Palace, Ben Thanh Market,… arrive in the hotel where you are staying in Saigon around 5 pm.

Day 28: You have time to relax and explore more about Saigon city. The trip ends after your transfer to Tan Son Nhat International Airport for departure.

Looking forward to seeing you on the road!