Enjoy Cong cake in the Mekong Delta – Vietnam

When traveling to the Mekong Delta, after cruising along canals and shopping at the floating market or cycling around orchards, visitors should enjoy many rustic specialties, of which Cong cake is suggested as a must-try dish.

Cong is made of rice planted in the delta. The rice flour after being stirred with warm water for around 20 minutes will be added to green beans, potatoes and pork together with spices and fried onion. After that, baker puts shrimp in the mix with flour soaked in oil and fried until it turns golden brown.

Cong cake in Mekong Delta Vietnam

The cake is especially tasty when fragrant and crispy. Diners will have a mouth watering dish when the cake is served with brassica juncea together with many kinds of aromatic vegetables. Fish sauce mixed with sugar, chili, garlic and lemon will complete the delectability of the dish. Read more how to make lemongrass dipping sauce.

Crisp of flour, fragrance of rice and vegetables, light bitter of brassica juncea, sweetness of shrimp, fat of bean and morish sauce will bring revelers a gastronomic experience and a half.

In Can Tho, visitors can find the dish along De Tham, Nguyen Trai or Ly Tu Trong streets.

Source: Thesaigontimes