6 cities in Vietnam should discover by bike

Here are the famous cities in Vietnam that you should travel by bike to get exciting experience!

# 1. Ha Noi city

Phan Dinh Phung street in Ha Noi

Nha Tho street in Ha Noi

Nguyen Du street in Ha Noi

Ha Noi has many shady streets, the ancient muses corner, the bustling night market, the beautiful streets for cycling such as Phan Dinh Phung, Nguyen Du, Nha Tho, Dinh Tien Hoang, Trang Tien, Trieu Viet Vuong, Thanh Nien… Read more: 5 beautiful streets in Hanoi.

# 2. Da Lat city

Villa in Da Lat

Cam Ly waterfall

love valley in da lat

With the low hills, the romantic stretch of road around the mist lake, slopes covered with small flower colors, the cool way of pine will make your trip more romantic and colorful. Besides sightseeing, if you like, you can stop at a small roadside hawker, enjoying the hot dishes to dispel the cold or take a photo with flowers blooming, a green vegetables… Discover more about Da Lat city

# 3. Vung Tau city

The beach Chi Linh resort - Vung Tau
The beach Chi Linh resort – Vung Tau

Khot cake in Vung Tau

With the beautiful coastal road, cycling tourism to discover Vung Tau you will have another look about the beaches, Bao Dai palace, statues of Jesus or the delicous dishes should not be overlooked when traveling here. Read more Vung Tau beach – The most interesting and loved for its extensive beaches.


# 4. Da Nang city

Da Nang city at night

Da Nang beach

Da Nang city at night

Let try refreshing by bike in the youthful and friendly city, clean and green with beautiful beaches, fresh seafood, Son Tra peninsula peaceful… Read more The beautiful of Da Nang city at night.

# 5. Hue city

Hue travel

Lang Co beach - Hue

Hue singing

It is not noisy and boisterous as other famous tourist city, Hue city is beautiful, gentle, quiet and suitable for a bicycle adventure. Places you should not be overlooked includes the tombs, the Quoc Hoc Hue university, Con Hen, Thuan An beach… Discover more about Hue.

# 6. Hoi An city

Hoi An street food

Green trees in hoi an

Hoi An old Town

From wandering through the small streets watching the old building, the path along the Thu Bon River and Cua Dai beach or the ways across fields, Hoi An association almost exciting journey for your bike discovery. This journey will not make you “tired” because this city will always hold your feet with these beautiful buildings and the delicious dishes not to be missed. Read more Hoi An is one of the best travel place in Asia.