Explore the Beautiful Beaches in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is an amazing island of its own kind and more so it’s diversified and beautiful nature. The island is quite famous for its world-class beaches that are bordered by palm trees, hazy mountains and more importantly the hillsides that are covered with tea plantations, bringing out an outstanding nature look of this country. The Island has come out to be an important destination for lots of tourist from across the world who visits just to have a quality time away from home. Sri Lanka provides both locals and foreigner with many of the best world-class beaches that provides a fulfilling experience. In this article, I will take you through exploring the beautiful beaches found in this amazing island, Sri Lanka.

Beaches in Sri Lanka


Located at the coastal town in Galle district of Sri Lanka, Unawatuna is described as the most wonderful beach by nature. It is ranked as the 12th best beach in the whole world. The beach has become as one of the safest beaches in Sri Lanka since its being protected by a reef. The beach is famous for scuba diving and surfing. The beach provides you with an avenue to visit other nearby interesting places located close to this beach like the Jungle Beach, Roomassagla Hills, Kathaluwa Temple and Galle Fort. Unfortunately, the beach suffered one of the worst Indian Ocean Tsunami events in 2004 although it was rebuilt in time and tourist activities resumed.


It’s located in the south coast province and about 17km north of Galle. Hikkaduwa is famous for its coral reef and scuba diving that gives tourists more pleasure. Majority of beach parties are held here. Moreover, the destination is internationally known for board-surfing, a character that has attracted lots of locals and foreign travelers. The destination too was affected by the Tsunami in 2004 that destroyed both lives and properties.


It’s a small, beautiful and rocky beach located on the south coast of Sri Lanka, Matara District of the Southern Province. Its night life nature makes it a popular tourist destination. It’s a perfect place that provides you with a splendid tropical paradise that makes you forget all your day hustle and bussle. It’s just the best place where you can sit and relax. The beach provides you with an outstanding fishing port and one of the main whale and dolphin watching locations. The beach also provides you with a glittering view of stunning sunrises and sunsets. As Unawatuna beach, this beach was too affected by the Tsunami in 2004.

Arugam Bay

Located in the south east of the country, Arugam bay provides you with amazing fishing villages. The beach has also been identified as one of the best surfing destinations in Sri Lanka and 4th best in South East Asia. The beach is also among the 10 best beaches in the world. Arugam bay also provides you with superb wide sandy beaches and lagoons that are associated with neighboring Kumana bird sanctuary that adds a pleasant nature to this place. Besides surfing and bird watching, the beach also provides you with other enjoyable things like the Lagoon tour, elephant watching, Kumana National Park and Kudumpigala monarchy among many other ancient ruins and archaeological sites.


The beach is located in down south coast district of Hamabantota just a few kilometers away from Matara and 195km from Colombo. The beach is famous for its beautiful and natural palm fringed sea bay. It’s also a fishing harbor, offering you with great sea food. Like Hikkaduwa, Tangalle is also famous for its coral reefs that provide it with an outstanding look. The area was too affected by the 2004 Indian Ocean that led to the death of thousands of people in the area and lots of homes being destroyed. Although rebuilding has been slow, the beach is perfectly back to its original state but the horrible ordeal of that Tsunami is still alive among many locals here.

Sri Lanka is a home for many beautiful and amazing beaches. The above named beaches are just but a few. These beaches provide you with a quality stay away from home. All you need is a Sri Lanka Visa to visit this beautiful island and get in touch with the above named world class beaches and the many others that are not in this article. Your holiday here will without doubt be fulfilling one